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This program is free. We hope more people will align their career goals and lifestyle choices with the UN Global Goals. In creating more meaningful and purposeful lives for themselves they will be helping create a better world for all of us. Any feedback you provide will to help us improve Career Callings for everyone.

Discover Your
Career Calling

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and purpose. At Career Callings, we believe that everyone has a unique calling that can make a positive impact on the world. Whether you're navigating your career path, exploring personal passions, or seeking fulfillment, our platform is here to guide you.

Dive into the 17 United Nations Global Goals and uncover how you can align your unique skills and passions with initiatives that matter. Our interactive platform allows you to explore each goal, understand its targets, and discover your role in creating a better future.

Explore the
17 UN Global Goals

Personalized Career Callings Assessment

Take a Quiz to discover the three Global Goals that you care about most and which align best with your skills, interests, and values. Gain valuable insights into potential career paths and find alignment with your unique strengths and authentic self.

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