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How can you contribute?

The 17 goals below were adopted by the leaders of 200 countries in 2015 to focus the whole world on the most pressing challenges facing our planet. Where will you make a difference? Given your values and priorities, which of these goals are most meaningful to you?


You can dive right into any of the goals, start with a short quiz to help identify three goals you care about more than the others, or view comic Infograms for all of the goals.


For each GOAL you'll see examples of global employers that focus on it. For each TARGET you'll see examples of local employers you could work for, occupations they employ, and local education and training programs to prepare you for this type of work.

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E Inverted Icons_WEB-10.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-13.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-16.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-02.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-05.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-08.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-11.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-14.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-17.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-03.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-06.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-09.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-12.png
E Inverted Icons_WEB-15.png
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