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Ensure the conservation, restoration. and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems like forests, wetlands, mountains, and drylands,.

Could this be your career mission?

Below are employers you could work for, occupations they employ, and education and training programs to prepare you to achieve this target.
Job Candidate
  1. Local Conservation Societies: Preserve and restore local terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems through community engagement and awareness programs.

  2. River Restoration Coalitions: Restore freshwater ecosystems, including rivers and wetlands, in a specific region.

  3. Urban Green Spaces Alliances: Preserve and enhance green spaces within urban areas, promoting the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems amid urban development.

  4. Community Tree Planting Initiatives: Increase local green cover by organizing tree planting events, contributing to the conservation and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems.

  5. Watershed Protection Associations: Protect and restore watersheds to safeguard freshwater ecosystems and ensure sustainable water management practices.

  6. Local Bird and Wildlife Watching Clubs: Contribute to the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems by promoting habitat protection and raising awareness about the importance of preserving local biodiversity.

  7. Friends of the Park Societies: Conserve and restore terrestrial ecosystems within around specific parks or natural reserves.

  8. Streamside Stewardship Groups: Protect and restore streamside habitats, contributing to the health of freshwater ecosystems.

  9. Community Wetland Conservation Coalitions: Preserve and restore wetlands in a community that are vital for maintaining the health of freshwater ecosystems.

  10. Local Sustainable Agriculture Cooperatives: Promote sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems, and promoting biodiversity-friendly farming methods.

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