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Enjoying Clean Water

Improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping, and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving untreated wastewater, and increasing recycling and safe reuse.

Could this be your career mission?

Below are employers you could work for, occupations they employ, and education and training programs to prepare you to achieve this target.
Job Candidate
  1. Community Environmental Groups: Focus on environmental issues, including water quality improvement and conservation.

  2. Watershed Associations: Work to maintain water quality and address pollution concerns in a watershed.

  3. Citizens for Clean Water: Advocate for clean water initiatives, pollution prevention, and sustainable water practices.

  4. Riverkeepers: Protect and restore rivers, often involving community members in monitoring water quality and advocating for responsible water management.

  5. Community Garden Associations: May incorporate sustainable water use practices, rainwater harvesting, and wastewater management in community gardening initiatives.

  6. Local Conservation Trusts: May include efforts to protect water sources and maintain water quality.

  7. Neighborhood Environmental Watch: Residents collaborate to monitor and address environmental issues, including water quality concerns.

  8. Community Development Associations: Incorporate sustainable development practices, including responsible water management, in community projects.

  9. Farmers' Cooperatives: Promote responsible water use, soil conservation, and sustainable farming practices.

  10. Community Health and Wellness Coalitions: Groups that address broader health and wellness issues often include clean water access and sanitation initiatives.

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