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Increase the access of small-scale enterprises, to financial services, including affordable credit, and integration into value chains and markets.

Could this be your career mission?

Below are employers you could work for, occupations they employ, and education and training programs to prepare you to achieve this target.
Job Candidate
  1. Community Development Corporations: Focus on community development, including initiatives to improve access to financial services for residents.

  2. Credit Unions: Member-owned financial cooperatives that serve the financial needs of their community members.

  3. Community-Based Microfinance Institutions: Provide microfinance services tailored to the needs of local communities, especially to those who may not have access to traditional banking.

  4. Community Development Financial Institutions: Provide affordable and responsible financial services to underserved communities.

  5. Community Foundations: Support initiatives related to financial inclusion, including projects that improve access to financial services.

  6. Local Non-Governmental Organizations: Some local NGOs focus on financial inclusion initiatives, working directly with communities to provide education and services.

  7. Business Development Organizations: Work on economic development projects, which may include efforts to improve local access to financial services and markets.

  8. Community-Based Savings and Credit Groups: Informal savings and credit groups in communities can contribute to increasing financial access at the grassroots level.

  9. Community Education Centers Empower community members to access and utilize financial services effectively.

  10. Local Chambers of Commerce: May run programs aimed at improving financial inclusion in the local business community.

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