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Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries.

Could this be your career mission?

Below are employers you could work for, occupations they employ, and education and training programs to prepare you to achieve this target.
Job Candidate
  1. Community Resilience Coalitions: Work on initiatives to strengthen community ties and build local resilience to climate-related disasters.

  2. Climate Action Networks at the Local Level: Build awareness and resilience within their communities.

  3. Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Committees: Address local climate-related disaster preparedness and response efforts.

  4. Green Community Alliances: Focus on sustainability and climate resilience, this group engages in projects that enhance local adaptive capacity.

  5. Disaster Resilience Task Forces: Assess and address the community's resilience to climate-related disasters.

  6. Local Environmental Stewardship Societies: Work on projects that not only promote environmental stewardship but also enhance resilience to climate-related challenges.

  7. Community Climate Adaptation Networks: Bring together local stakeholders to collaborate on climate adaptation strategies at the community level.

  8. Climate Resilience Youth Groups: Engage youth in building climate resilience, with a focus on education and action projects.

  9. Neighbors for Sustainable Living: Fosters sustainable practices in the community, addressing both environmental concerns and climate resilience.

  10. Local Farmers' Climate Resilience Cooperatives: Support local farmers in adapting to changing climate conditions and building resilience in the agricultural sector.

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